Apply for a resident or work pass online

For regular park passes, please visit our passes and admission page.

Resident pass
A resident pass is available to residents of Jasper whose vehicle is registered in Jasper.
Work pass
A work pass is available to people working in the park who may live outside the park or reside in Jasper temporarily for work.
Resident / work pass application
Personal information

Please provide your phone number or email.



This could be a letter from your employer confirming employment, most recent pay stub, staff ID.
If your proof of employment document includes your SIN / any banking information, please black it out.
It must include your name, your employer’s (company) name, a semi-recent date and work location in Jasper National Park.

A photo of your valid Vehicle Registration showing the expiry date, license plate number and registered address
Example of Alberta car registration
Information collected in this process is used for the administration of the Resident and Work Park Pass Program.