Land Release – Parcel GB, 801 Connaught Drive, Jasper, Alberta

New! Reduced Asking Price $5,520,000.00 (land release fee)

Parks Canada is accepting proposals until 4 pm MST, on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, for the right to lease the 1.01 hectare vacant un-serviced residential lot (Parcel GB, CLSR Plan 86103) for a term of 42 years in the Town of Jasper, Jasper National Park.

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  • The Land must be used for the purpose of residential rental apartment units with a minimum of 41 units to a maximum of 122 units in Jasper’s south end.
  • The lot is in the Multi-Unit Dwelling District (R3b) and is subject to its development rules and regulations.
  • The Superintendent will prioritize proposals that offer $5,520,000.00. However, the Superintendent will consider proposals that offer less than the asking price if it is within an acceptable threshold.
  • If Parks Canada receives more than one qualified proposal at $5,520,000.00, a lottery process will determine the successful new leaseholder.
  • A security deposit of $60,000.00 will be required with each proposal package submitted.
  • The proposals will remain sealed until the official opening process.
  • The evaluation of the proposals will be overseen by an impartial third party professional.

If you are interested in applying, please contact:

Municipal and Realty Services
Parks Canada Agency
Jasper, Alberta