Planning and Development Advisory Committee (PDAC)
Next public hearing - January 21, 2021

Committee of Adjustments (Planning and Development Advisory Committee)
3:30 pm, Thursday, January 21, 2021
Teleconference: 1-855-288-0982
Participant Code: 173 299 8894

  1. 400-600 Block Connaught and Patricia Street – Application to allow the temporary commercial uses of eating establishment, retail, and equipment rental on the Roads and Lanes District.
  2. Block S, Lots 22-23 - 57 Stan Wright Drive  – The proponent has applied to operate a warehouse in the Storage and Services District, which is a discretionary use.

Parties affected by these applications are invited to make written or oral presentations to the committee. Oral presentations at the meeting are limited to 5 minutes and are by appointment only and written presentations to a maximum of 500 words. To make an appointment to: review the submission; submit a written presentation; or make an oral presentation, please contact the Parks Canada Development Office at no later than 1 pm on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

Development Permits and the Planning and Development Advisory Committee Notices are posted in the lobby of the Jasper Heritage Railway Station - Parks Canada administration building, 607 Connaught Drive, Jasper.

Notice of decision - December 17, 2020

Application heard at the public meeting held at 3:30 pm on Thursday, December 17th, 2020 by teleconference.


  1. Block 20, Lot 11, 720 Miette Avenue – The proponent has applied to reduce required on-site parking from four (4) stalls to (3).
    Parking Variance: Approved
Public notice
Approved development applications - January 7, 2021

Anyone interested in viewing the following projects may do so by making an appointment with the Jasper Development Officer at 780-852-6104.

The following projects have received Development Approval
Date approved Location Address Project
2020-12-22Block 16, Lot 14225 Bonhomme StreetInterior Renovation (Bathroom Addition)
2020-12-24Block 40, Lot 851 Swift CrescentHot Tub Installation
2020-12-24Parcel GL1 Old Lodge RoadTent
2021-01-04Block BQJasper Park Riding StablesReconstruct Balconies on Main House
2021-01-06Block 9, Lot 25620 Connaught DriveInterior Renovation (Eating Establishment - Fiddle River)
2021-01-06Parcel FJIcefields Staff CampGenerator
2021-01-07Block 40, Lot 541207 Patricia StreetSecondary Suite Transition Compliance & Interior Renovation

Approved development applications archive

Reminder: Commercial Cap - Applications due September 28, 2020

In keeping with the Jasper Community Sustainability Plan, Parks Canada (PCA) and the Municipality of Jasper (MoJ) would like to announce:

  • Current available commercial floor space is 1374.16 square metres
  • All commercial floor space in S Block has been allocated.

For all developments over 46.5 square metres:

  • Applications with conceptual plans must be submitted to the PCA Realty office by the last Monday of September each year;
  • PCA and MoJ representatives will assess applications based on established criteria;
  • Applicants will receive approval for the conceptual plan by October 30; and
  • If approved, complete development applications are due on or before the last Monday of January the following year.
  • Proposals will then be reviewed by a committee of MoJ and PCA representatives against established criteria and placed in draft rank order.

Evaluation criteria

Proposals will be assessed to see if they:

  • Enhance visitors and residents’ experience of Jasper
  • Provide a new service or product to the community, rather than adding more of an existing product or service
  • Maximize underutilized space in the commercial area
  • Provide any additional benefits to the town, such as staff accommodation
  • Align with the Jasper National Park Management Plan, the Jasper Community Sustainability Plan, and all other applicable development regulations

Inquiries should be addressed to Dave Kreizenbeck, Senior Realty and Development Advisor, at 780-820-0146 or at

Public notice - September 2020

As we all continue to manage ourselves through this pandemic, the Superintendent recognizes that some Private Home Accommodation (PHA) operators may have chosen to refrain from operating due to safety concerns. Many PHAs that were permitted under previous policies may not meet current PHA land use policy and may have aspects of their operation that are considered existing non-conforming. Our current policy states that a non-conforming use of a building may continue, but if that use is discontinued for a period of 6 months or more, any future use shall conform with the provisions of the policy then in effect. In addition, some existing Discretionary Use Permits for PHAs may contain specific conditions rendering the permit invalid should the activity be discontinued for a period of 6 months or more, regardless of whether aspects of their PHA are considered existing non-conforming. Given the current situation, the Superintendent would like to assure all operators who have chosen not to operate their PHAs this season for safety reasons during this pandemic, will not be subject to these requirements at this time. We will revisit this in Spring of 2021 in the hopes that we are in a better place and this specific leniency is no longer required.

Public notice - March 2020

Parks Canada is working to provide services to the public and maintain operations while balancing the need to work at home and focus on critical services during this global pandemic. As a result of this reduced service capacity, Private Home Accommodations (PHA) applications will not be accepted after April 30, 2020 until further notice. Any applications that have been received up until that point will be processed.

Parks Canada will take this time to work with the Municipality of Jasper to determine what changes, if any, will be made to PHAs in future as a result of public feedback received at our open house in March 2019.

Thank you for your understanding.

What We Heard – Jasper Zoning Regulations and Housing

Thank you for your participation in our Public Consultation on March 14, 2019 on zoning and Accessory Dwelling Units.

Your feedback and ideas have been compiled into a What We Heard Report, which can be accessed here.

We appreciate your participation and contribution to these important regulations and policies.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months on our website.