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Canada National Parks Act

Parks Canada is reviewing the management plan for Jasper National Park. Jasper’s plan, along with the management plans for the other southern mountain national parks, is due for tabling in Parliament in 2020. This fact sheet describes the plan review process and opportunities for Indigenous and public involvement.

What is a park management plan?

A management plan, prepared in consultation with Indigenous peoples and Canadians, is the main public accountability document for a national park. It is the road map that guides Parks Canada’s work to protect natural and cultural resources; to facilitate visitor experiences and learning opportunities; and to collaborate with other organizations and Indigenous partners on common interests. The plan sets out a long-term vision for a national park, as well as strategic direction to guide decision-making by park managers. Management plans also help Parks Canada make sound decisions about where to invest financial and human resources.

Plan review process

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Management planning cycle

  • Management plan review
    1. State of the Park assessment
    2. Scoping exercise *Indigenous and public engagement
    3. Management plan preperation *Indigenous and public engagement
    4. Mangement plan approval
    5. Management planning cycle
  • Management plan implementation
    Monitoring and evaluation occur throughout the cycle
    • Annual implementation updates
  • Management planning and implementation is a continuous cycle of engagement, decision-making, evaluating and reporting.
  • State of the Park Assessments are prepared two years before a new plan is due to set the stage for the management plan review.
  • Parks Canada sets the scope of the plan review based on the State of the Park Assessment, an evaluation of the current management plan, public and Indigenous feedback, the Agency’s corporate priorities, and other factors.
  • Parks Canada will provide opportunities for Indigenous and public involvement at both the management plan scoping phase and as the draft plan is developed.
  • The final plans are approved by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and tabled in Parliament.
  • Each park reports annually on progress in implementing its management plan through public meetings or written reports.

Indigenous involvement

As a member of the federal Crown, Parks Canada has a special relationship with Indigenous peoples. The management plan review is an opportunity to strengthen collaboration with Indigenous communities and organizations. We will offer opportunities for Indigenous communities and organizations to engage directly with us during the management plan review.

Public involvement

Parks Canada welcomes broad public participation in the management plan review. Public involvement ensures that park management plans reflect the perspectives of Canadians. We will offer a variety of ways to get involved—from public meetings to an online forum.


  • Parks Canada has completed a State of the Park Assessment for Jasper National Park.
  • We are inviting input on key considerations for the plan review process in early 2019.
  • A draft plan for Jasper National Park will be ready for review in 2020.
  • A final plan will be tabled in Parliament in 2020.
Year Planning activity
2018 State of the Park Assesment & other analysis
Early 2019 Set scope of management plan review
Key opportunities for indigenous and public participation
Late 2019 Develop and update park strategies
Key opportunities for indigenous and public participation
Early 2020 Draft and review updated plans
Key opportunities for indigenous and public participation
Late 2020 Finalize and approve plans