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Working in Jasper National Park 

A business licence is required for all businesses, companies, guides and/or vendors who are operating in Jasper National Park.

Each contractor and sub-contractor requires their own business licence to work in the park.

Parks Canada and the Municipality of Jasper are the two governing bodies in Jasper National Park that issue business licences. Parks Canada issues the following licences and permits:

If you are proposing a new business in Jasper or changing the location of an existing business you must email with a narrative describing the proposal. For all non-resident business owners wanting to conduct business in the town of Jasper please contact the Municipality of Jasper.

Please note: if you are operating a business in both jurisdictions, you must obtain a business licence from Parks Canada as well as one from the Municipality of Jasper.

Work passes

Work passes for park entry are provided by the Parks Canada and Municipality of Jasper administration offices at the time a business licence is issued. Work passes shall be used for work purposes only. Vehicles that weigh more than 4550 kg GVW (10,000 lbs) must obtain a Special Activity Permit (Restricted Activity Permit) to travel on Highway 93 (the Icefields Parkway). Through traffic is not permitted on Highway 93.

Special Activity Permits for overweight vehicles are issued by the Jasper Dispatch office. Please send your request by e-mail to after your business licence has been issued.