The following lists some of the most relevant regulations, acts, and guidelines pertaining to development in Jasper National Park. This is not an exhaustive list, and is provided for informational purposes only. Other acts, codes, and regulations may apply to a project, and a Parks Canada development officer should always be contacted for accurate information.

All development in Jasper National Park

Alberta Labour Occupational Health and Safety Act
Rules for health, safety, and wellness in Alberta’s workplaces
Safety codes
Jasper National Park requires that construction be reviewed against the most recent iteration of Alberta Building Code or National Building Code, whichever is more stringent. Construction must also comply with the National Fire, Energy, and Plumbing Codes.
Canada Environmental Assessment Act
How and when environmental assessments must be conducted for projects on federal lands
Canada National Parks Act
Enables Parks Canada to create and maintain national parks and national park reserves. The provisions of the act give Parks Canada authority to regulate land use planning development in the national parks.
Eligible Residency
All persons living in Jasper National Park must meet eligible residency requirements.
Guidelines and Specifications for Outdoor Lighting at Parks Canada (PDF, 660 KB)
Provides specifications for dark sky preserve-compliant lighting to minimize the impact of artificial lighting on the night environment while maintaining public safety. Jasper National Park is a Dark Sky Preserve, and all new exterior lighting must be dark sky compliant.
Jasper National Park Management Plan
Provides strategic direction for achieving Parks Canada’s mandate of resource protection, visitor experience, and public appreciation and understanding in Jasper National Park.
National Parks Building Regulations
Govern how buildings shall be constructed and maintained in all the National Parks across Canada.
National Parks Lease and License of Occupation Regulations
Govern how the Minister may grant and amend leases for lands within the National Parks of Canada.
National Parks Sign Regulations
Govern the erection of signs, canopies, and awnings in all the National Parks across Canada.
Treasury Board Policy on Management of Real Property and the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada
Certain buildings in Jasper National Park, including the Jasper Heritage Railway Station and the Jasper National Park Information Centre, have been designated as federally significant heritage buildings. The attached policy and standards provide regulations designed to protect and preserve the heritage character of federal heritage buildings.

Development in the Municipality of Jasper

Town of Jasper Land Use Policy
The current land use policy for the Municipality of Jasper. The policies guide and limit what is allowed to be built where, and separates land uses to minimize conflict between neighbours.
Interim Policy for Secondary Suites in the Town of Jasper
The purpose of this interim policy is to permit the development of secondary suites in the Town of Jasper without significantly affecting the built form.
Jasper Community Sustainability Plan
Jointly developed between the Municipality of Jasper and Parks Canada, the plan describes the community’s vision for a sustainable future, and includes strategies to achieve that vision.
Architectural Motif Guidelines for the Town of Jasper (PDF, 2.93 MB)
Provides a set of rules designed to maintain a high development standard in Jasper and ensure that new developments harmonize with both the mountain surroundings and existing historical buildings. Where conflict exists, the Regulations Respecting the Use of Land in the Town of Jasper apply.
Municipality of Jasper By-Laws
The Municipality of Jasper has several by-laws which may be relevant for development projects, including by-laws on utilities and lot servicing, off-site levies, and the municipal parking authority. Current municipal bylaws can be found at Municipality of Jasper bylaws directory

Development in Jasper National Park, excluding the Municipality of Jasper

Redevelopment Guidelines for Outlying Commercial Accommodations and Hostels in the Mountain National Parks (PDF, 5.4 MB)
Guidelines setting limits to growth as well as parameters for development for visitor accommodation facilities located outside communities in the mountain national parks. Under these regulations, no new outlying commercial accommodations or hostels will be permitted.
National Parks of Canada Cottage Regulations
Govern development in the cottage subdivisions of Canada’s National Parks, including the Lake Edith Resort Subdivision.