Public notice

Parks Canada is working to provide services to the public and maintain operations while balancing the need to work at home and focus on critical services during this global pandemic. As a result of this reduced service capacity, Private Home Accommodations (PHA) applications will not be accepted after April 30, 2020 until further notice. Any applications that have been received up until that point will be processed.

Parks Canada will take this time to work with the Municipality of Jasper to determine what changes, if any, will be made to PHAs in future as a result of public feedback received at our open house in March 2019.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please allow at least 6 weeks to process your request for a private home accommodation business application.

In Jasper, a “private home accommodation” refers to a form of lodging in which residents of Jasper rent out rooms in their homes on a nightly basis.

PHAs are considered ‘discretionary uses’ under Jasper’s land use policy. This means that PHAs are only permitted in certain land use zones in residences which meet certain conditions. Not all homes are suitable for PHAs.


Private Home Accommodations may only be permitted in the following residential zones:

  • R1- Single-family dwelling
  • R2- Two-family dwelling
  • R2H- Old Town Jasper historic district
  • One-unit or two-unit dwellings situated on lots zoned R3- Multi-unit dwellings

PHAs must be a secondary use within a dwelling unit in a one-unit or two-unit dwelling. For example, a leaseholder may rent out a room within their home as a PHA. However, if a leaseholder owns a duplex with two dwelling units side by side, they may not rent out one of the dwelling units as a PHA.

A PHA unit may not be a fully self-contained dwelling unit, meaning that it may not have a full kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedroom. PHAs are not permitted to have stoves. Only small appliances such as a microwave, kettle, and coffee maker are permitted.

PHAs may only be operated by the live-in owners of the home. Individuals operating a private home accommodation must be the lessee of record, and must live in the dwelling unit in which they are renting a title.

A maximum of two tourist bedrooms are permitted per dwelling unit. One additional on-site parking stall must be provided for each tourist bedroom.

Private Home Accommodations may provide coffee and tea to their guests. Any other food service will require a Food Establishment Permit from the Local Health Authority.

Eligible Residency

You must meet the eligible residency requirements to operate a private home accommodation. In order to meet the eligible residency requirement you or your spouse must have primary employment with a commercial business or institution in Jasper National Park. A private home accommodation business does not fulfill Parks Canada’s requirement for a need to reside in Jasper as itis acceptable as a secondary means of income only.

How to apply to operate a PHA

Step 1: Submit an application package

If you would like to apply for a discretionary use permit for a private home accommodation business please submit the following application form and the below listed required documents to or fax to 780-852-1873.

Discretionary use private home accommodation application package (PDF, 226 KB)

Required documents
  1. Scaled floor plans of the entire house showing: all rooms labelled with use, stairs, hallway, doors and window locations (all measurements must be in metric). This will be used to assess your parking requirements.
  2. A scaled site plan showing all off street parking (all measurements must be in metric)
  3. Photographs of the parking areas and tourist entrances
  4. Proof of eligible residency in the form of a Statutory Declaration that has been witnessed and signed by a Commissioner for Oaths. (You may visit the Parks Canada Administration Office (607 Connaught Drive, west entrance of the Train Station) to declare under oath or promise and sign a Statutory Declaration in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths. Office Hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.)
  5. A building safety code inspection by an approved inspection agency of the tourist room(s) and entrance(s)
  6. A certificate of insurance (with a minimum of $2 million per incident) that provides coverage for your private home accommodation business. The liability insurance must include “Her Majesty in Right of Canada as Represented by Parks Canada Agency” as an additional insured.

Note: Parks Canada may request additional information, inspection reports, documentation or applications to be completed, depending on the requirements of your application.

Step 2: Parks Canada Compliance Inspection

Once your completed application package has been submitted, Parks Canada will review it to ensure compliance with Parks Canada’s requirements for PHAs. If the application meets all requirements, Parks Canada will conduct an on-site inspection.

When the proposed PHA unit passes its inspection, Parks Canada will issue a discretionary use permit. This permit provides formal Parks Canada approval for the operation of the private home accommodation unit.

Step 3: Jasper Home Accommodation Association Membership and Business Licence

Once your discretionary use permit has been issued by Parks Canada please contact the Municipality of Jasper for your business licence

Proof of membership with the Jasper Home Accommodation Association is also required by the Municipality of Jasper and is mandatory for each PHA business operator.

Municipality of Jasper Administration Office:
303 Pyramid Lake Road.
Jasper, AB
T0E 1E0
Telephone: 780-852-3356
Contact Cindy Alton at

Note: This information is presented as a general guideline of Parks Canada business licence processes and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations currently in effect. If you would like specific information on the Land Use Regulations for the Town of Jasper (2005) or the Town of Jasper Zoning Regulations (1968) please contact the Development Office by calling 780-852-6123 or by emailing

Applications submitted to the Development Office are reviewed in the order they are received. If permit applications are incomplete, the Development Office will contact the applicant in writing with the noted deficiencies and a resubmission will be required. Resubmissions are reviewed in the order they are received.

Anyone wishing to operate a Private Home Accommodation unit in Jasper National Park is encouraged to consult with a Development Officer as early as possible to ensure they are familiar with all relevant policies, guidelines, and requirements prior to their formal application submission.