Please allow at least 20 business days to process your request for a home-based business application.

A home based business refers to the use of a residential dwelling for an occupation, office, trade, or other form of business as a use secondary to the residential use. Examples of home based businesses in Jasper include photographers, writers, wedding commissioners, accountants, and seamstresses.

Home based businesses may only be operated by eligible residents who occupy the dwelling as a primary residence.

In Jasper, Parks Canada classifies home based businesses into two categories:

  • Type 1 (no visitation):
    this type of business does not involve customers or clients visiting the home at any time. Materials or goods are not permitted to be stored outdoors.
  • Type 2 (with visitation):
    this type of business involves clients and customers visiting the home. Client visitation is permitted only during business hours, and limited outdoor storage directly related to the business is permitted in the back yard. One additional on-site parking stall is required for clients. All Type 2 Home Based Business applications are required to be reviewed by the Planning and Development Advisory Committee.

If you would like to operate a home-based business you will need to apply for a Parks Canada discretionary use permit prior to acquiring your business licence from the Municipality of Jasper. A Parks Canada discretionary use permit provides you with Parks Canada’s formal permission to operate. No person shall operate a home based business without a valid discretionary use permit.

Home-based business application

To apply for a discretionary use permit for a home based business please submit your General application for a Permit form (PDF, 0.3 MB) and the following required documents to or fax to 780-852-1873.

  • Proof of eligible residency in the form of a Statutory Declaration (docx, 19 kb) that has been witnessed and signed by a Commissioner for Oaths
  • If you are not the home owner, you must provide a Leaseholder authorization letter (PDF, 73 kb) from the head lessee (home owner) granting permission to operate the proposed home-based business in their residence. If you reside in a townhouse that is governed by a condo board, you must provide a letter of permission from the condo board.
  • Depending on the nature of your business you may need a health inspection and/or a fire safety code inspection

Note: Parks Canada may request additional information, inspection reports, documentation or applications to be completed, depending on the type of business you are proposing.

Eligible Residency

You must meet the eligible residency requirements to operate a home-based business. In order to meet the eligible residency requirement you or your spouse must have a primary employment with a commercial business or institution in the park. A home-based business does not fulfill Parks Canada’s requirement for a need to reside in Jasper. A home-based business is acceptable as a secondary means of income only.

Planning and Development Advisory Committee Meeting (PDAC)

The Planning and Development Advisory Committee is appointed by Parks Canada and the Municipality of Jasper to advise the Park Superintendent on planning and development issues in Jasper National Park where regulations and policies permit the Superintendent to exercise discretionary decision-making authority. The committee will make recommendations to the Superintendent after hearing a presentation made by the applicant. Anyone who feels that they are affected by a development that is before the committee may request to speak at a PDAC hearing.

Specific Requirements

Home-based businesses shall not adversely affect the amenities of the area, and shall not affect the use, enjoyment, aesthetics, safety, or value of neighbouring properties. This means that home based businesses may not unduly interfere with the ability of neighbours to enjoy their property. They shall not generate any pedestrian or vehicular traffic uncharacteristic of the neighbourhood in which they are located, nor shall they generate any offensive noise, smoke, or odours.

Home based businesses shall not be permitted if, in Parks Canada’s opinion, they would be more appropriately located in a commercial or industrial district.

No person other than the eligible resident operating the business shall be engaged in a type 1 home based business, and no person other than family members of the eligible resident operating the business shall be engaged in type 2 home based businesses.

Not more than one home based business is permitted per dwelling unit, if one of the businesses is a type 2 home based business. Not more than 10% of the gross floor area of the primary building shall be used for a home based business.

Please visit the Parks Canada Administration Office (607 Connaught Drive, west entrance of the Train Station) to declare under oath or promise and sign a Statutory Declaration in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths.

Once your discretionary use permit has been approved by Parks Canada please contact the Municipality of Jasper for your business licence.

Municipality of Jasper Administration Office
303 Pyramid Lake Road
Jasper, AB
T0E 1E0
Telephone: 780-852-3356
Contact Cindy Alton at

Note: This information is presented as a general guideline of Parks Canada business licence processes and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations currently in effect. If you would like specific information on the Land Use Regulations for the Town of Jasper (2005) or the Town of Jasper Zoning Regulations (1968) please contact the Parks Canada Administration Office at or at 780-852-6123