Projects that do not trigger any building code requirements require a development permit only. Examples include erecting interior walls, constructing a patio less than 0.6m above grade, changing exterior finishes like roofing, cladding, or trim, landscaping, constructing an accessory building under 10m2 in area, or building a fence.

Process overview

  1. Apply for a development permit
  2. Parks Canada will issue a development permit if all application documents are correctly submitted and the proposed project complies with the criteria and specifications set out in all relevant Parks Canada acts, regulations, guidelines, and plans.
  3. Once work is completed, the leaseholder notifies Parks Canada to inspect the work, and, if the work complies with the terms and conditions of the permit, Parks Canada will issue a certificate of completion and close the file.

How to apply for a development permit

There is no fee for a development permit application. To apply for a development permit, please sign and submit the General application for a Permit form (PDF 330 KB), and include the following information.

  • Paragraph describing the proposed work – what currently exists on site, and what work you are proposing to undertake
  • Photographs of the intended work area
  • If the individual applying for the permit is not from the leaseholder: Leaseholder authorization letter (PDF, 73 kb)
  • A site plan drawn to a scale of not less than 1:200 scale with dimensions in metric. Site plans shall include at a minimum:
    • Type of development, number of residential units, site area, gross floor area by use, floor area ratio, site coverage;
    • North arrow and scale;
    • Dimensioned setbacks;
    • Size and location of existing and proposed structures or uses including accessory buildings;
    • Dimensioned existing and proposed parking spaces and driveways showing grades and paving materials.
  • Architectural plans, drawn to a scale of not less that 1:100. Dimensions shall be in metric. Drawings shall include, where applicable:
    • Existing and proposed floor plans
    • Elevations indicating finish materials, heights, overhangs, roof pitches and distances to setbacks
    • Sections indicating floor heights and relationship with grades
    • Roof plan showing major roof structure and equipment and screening details
  • For projects with a construction cost exceeding $5,000.00, development permit applications require a Fire Safety Plan. Please complete appendices A, B, and C of the Fire Safety Plan Form (PDF 89.4 KB) and attach a site plan indicating location of first aid kit, muster point, and fire extinguisher.

Electronic copies of the above information should be submitted to the Development Office at Hard copies may be submitted at the Parks Canada Administration Office in the Jasper Heritage Railway Station at 607 Connaught Street. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.

In order for Parks Canada to complete a comprehensive review of your development permit application, all requested information must be provided. Incomplete applications will be rejected. The Development Officer may require additional information to evaluate a development application, at their discretion. The onus is on the proponent to submit comprehensive applications which are easily understood and meet all requirements.

This information is meant to provide general information only. It should not be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations currently in effect, and a Parks Canada development officer should always be contacted for accurate information.

Timelines for permit application review

The length of time required to review permit applications depends on the type of project. The permit application is your opportunity to provide the clearest possible picture of the proposed project. The more quality, detailed information you provide, the fewer questions the Development Office may have.

Projects submitted to the Development Office are reviewed in the order they are received. If permit applications are incomplete, the Development Office will contact the applicant in writing with the noted deficiencies and a resubmission will be required. Resubmissions are reviewed in the order they are received. Once documentation has been correctly submitted, it can take up to 40 business days to issue a development permit.

Anyone wishing to undertake development in Jasper National Park is encouraged to consult with a Development Officer as early as possible to ensure they are familiar with all relevant policies, guidelines, and requirements prior to their formal application submission.

To reach a development officer, please call 780-852-6123 or email Meetings are available by appointment only.