Types of permits

Development projects in Jasper can be generally categorized as follows:

Type 1: No permit needed

No Parks Canada permits are needed for minor renovations, maintenance, or repair. Examples include replacing a few planks in a wood deck or stairs, painting a house the same colour as is existing, replacing electrical fixtures, replacing plumbing fixtures, or interior renovations which do not involve structural, electrical, plumbing, or gas work.

Type 2: Development permit only

Projects that do not trigger any Building Code requirements require a development permit only. Examples include erecting interior walls, constructing a patio less than 0.6m above grade, changing exterior finishes like roofing, cladding, or trim, landscaping, constructing an accessory building under 10m2 in area, or building a fence.

Type 3: Development permit and building permit

Projects that are regulated by Alberta and national building codes are required to obtain both a development permit and a building permit. A development permit gives developers general guidance and direction before significant investment is made in formal building permit drawings. Generally, building permits are required for the construction of a new building, or for the addition or structural alteration of any building or structure with an area greater than 10m2. Examples include the construction of a new home, construction of stairs, construction of a deck or stairs greater than 0.6m above grade, construction of a retaining wall greater than 1.2m above grade, or erection of a tent greater than 10m2 in area.

Type 4: Discretionary use permit

Under Jasper’s Land Use Policy, certain land uses ‘may’ be permitted in certain zones. Examples include Private home accommodation, home based businesses, restaurants, and vehicle rental agencies. Proponents of a project constituting a discretionary use on the subject property are encouraged to contact a Parks Canada development officer, as the project may require public consultation.


If the proposed development is for a land use not permitted in a given zone, or does not comply with the requirements contained in the Land Use Policy, a proponent must apply to Parks Canada for a variance. The variance process only applies to projects taking place within the Municipality of Jasper. Examples include a relaxation to front setbacks due to an irregular lot configuration, or an increase in allowed building height due to a sloping lot. For more on the variance process, click here.

Timelines for permit application review

The length of time required to review permit applications depends on the type of project. The permit application is your opportunity to provide the clearest possible picture of the proposed project. The more quality, detailed information you provide, the fewer questions the Development Office may have.

Projects submitted to the Development Office are reviewed in the order they are received. If permit applications are incomplete, the Development Office will contact the applicant in writing with the noted deficiencies and a resubmission will be required. Resubmissions are reviewed in the order they are received. Once documentation has been correctly submitted, it can take up to 40 business days to issue a development permit.

Anyone wishing to undertake development in Jasper National Park is encouraged to consult with a Development Officer as early as possible to ensure they are familiar with all relevant policies, guidelines, and requirements prior to their formal application submission.

To reach a development officer, please call 780-852-6123 or email developpementjasper-jasperdevelopment@pc.gc.ca. Meetings are available by appointment only.