Notice of prohibition: climbing and rappelling in four designated canyon areas

Issued: May 25, 2020

Ends: September 21, 2020

Effective date

May 25 until September 21, 2020

Activities prohibited

Pursuant to section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, all climbing, canyoning or rappelling activities in waterfalls or on rock faces within the identified canyon areas is prohibited by Order of the Superintendent in the designated canyons and waterfalls outlined below, within Jasper National Park of Canada.


The prohibition of activities applies to all waterfalls or rock faces within the identified areas in the canyons, including the canyon sidewalls - as identified by the coordinates (see attached maps). All coordinates are projected in NAD1983 UTM zone 11 N.

Maligne Canyon

Upstream from 11 U 432440m E 5863510m N (50m downstream of 4th bridge) to 11 U 432867m E 5863833m N (20m downstream from the tea house).

Two Valley Canyon (also known as BS Canyon)

Upstream from 11 U 437126m E 5861861 m N (under the Maligne Road Bridge) to 11 U 437291 m E 5862404m N (the upstream mouth of the canyon).

Pleckaitis Canyon

Upstream from 11 U 442356m E 5860856m N (where the canyon narrows upstream of the bolted climbing routes) to 442588m E 5861045m N (top of the tallest waterfall).

Athabasca Falls Canyon

Upstream from 11 U 440112m E 5835369m N (at the downstream viewpoint) to 11 U 440249m E 5835313m N (top of the waterfall).


To avoid trampling and disturbing nests and key habitat features of Black Swifts.


It is an offence under the Canada National Parks Act to contravene these prohibitions. Violators may be charged.

Current knowledge suggests that walking along canyon floors does not impact nesting Black Swifts, and it remains an acceptable activity in these four designated canyons.