oTENTiks at Whistlers Campground Closed

This will mark the end of one era and the dawn of a new one for the iconic Whistlers campground. This special place that has created so many memories is scheduled for reconstruction that will begin in fall 2018 and continue right through all of 2020. Whistlers will be newly equipped to meet the needs of the travelling public that will ensure 40 more years of signature Jasper experiences.

Whistler’s Campground now offers oTENTiks, canvas-walled tents, where you can ‘rough it’ without getting your clothes ruffled. Each oTENTik has all the basic comforts of home-wooden floors, bunkbeds, sleeping pads, heat and lights.

Due to popular demand, Parks Canada added an additional 10 oTENTiks in summer 2015 for a total of 21 bookable units. These oTENTiks can accommodate up to four adults and two children.

These accommodations are exceptionally popular and must be reserved in advance.


An oTENTik is a semi-permanent wood framed canvas covered tent-like structure and contains many of the comforts you are used to at home.

Includes: two wooden chairs, a bench and a table, and one electric light. One electric baseboard heater to take the chill off (but do not provide full heat). Beds to sleep six (four adults, two children) along with rods/hooks for hanging clothes and bedding.

What to bring: sleeping bags, blankets and pillows, food, drinks and a water container (campground water is potable), cooking equipment, dishes, eating utensils, a cooler, flashlights, matches or a lighter to start a fire in the cooking shelter, camping chairs. Slippers or indoor shoes to keep a clean oTENTik.

Pets are permitted in oTENTiks #4A and #4B. All other oTENTiks are pet free.

A wheelchair-accessible tent is available.

Check-in is between 3 pm and 11 pm. Staff will be unavailable to check people into the oTENTiks outside of these times.