This page outlines specific information for horse parties. Please also refer to the backcountry camping pages for general backcountry trail information, and the Day Hiking Guide for general day-use trail information.

Where can you ride?

Most trails in Jasper National Park are multi-use trails that are also shared with hikers, bikers, and wildlife. Horse travel is permitted throughout the park EXCEPT in campgrounds, at picnic sites and public beaches.

Horse travel is not permitted on the following trails:

  • Pocahontas Mine Trail
  • Old Fort Point Trail (#1) from the parking lot stairs to the junction of Trail #1a.
  • Wilcox Pass
  • Sulphur Skyline
  • Cavell Meadows
  • The Path of the Glacier Trail
  • The Clifford E.Lee Trail (Lake Annette Loop)
  • The Whistlers Trail
  • Maligne Canyon Trail (# 7) from the first to the fifth bridge
  • The Mary Schäffer Loop
  • Fryatt Valley
  • Geraldine Lakes
  • Jonas Pass
  • The Skyline Trail from Big Shovel Pass to Maligne Lake
  • The Watchtower Trail from the trailhead to the campground
  • The Eremite Valley


The Cottonwood Corrals Association at Jasper Park Stables operates two visitor paddocks from April 1 to October 31.
Fees: $20.00 per horse per night.

Camping is not permitted. For reservations, call 780-852-3121.

Parks Canada operates two rustic group campsites for horse parties at the Moab Lake trailhead and the Decoigne Warden Station. Note: The facilities are very basic and are not regularly maintained. The facilities include: a fenced corral, parking area, and privies. Campers must be fully self-contained. Call the Jasper Trail Office at 780-852-6177 ext 2 for information


The spread of noxious weeds through hay is widespread. Once weeds move in, the native vegetation can't compete, impacting the food, shelter, and habitat for insect and animal species in Jasper National Park. Parks Canada encourages our equestrian visitors to feed pellets or certified weed free hay.

Alberta's certified weed free hay program

A starting point for weed free hay purchases 

Backcountry Camping

Backcountry camping is permitted at horse and horse/hiker campsites. 
Camps may not be left unattended for more than one night.
Only commercial lodge operations may transport hay into the backcountry.

See the backcountry camping pages for general backcountry trail information

Party Size

Private Groups: Ten people and twenty horses.
Licensed Commercial Outfitters: Twenty people and thirty-eight horses.


All backcountry horse campsites in the park have graze quotas. These quotas are based on the amount of available graze in each area. Once a graze quota for a campsite has been reached, parties will be directed to other areas.

To reduce environmental damage, it is best if horses are allowed to graze at random. Tying horses to trees overnight is not permitted. If overnight tying is necessary, high-lining (stretching a rope between two trees) is permitted. Please protect the trees by padding the portion of the rope that is tied around the tree and avoiding the trees’ root systems.

Holding Corrals

If you need to hold your horses overnight at the start or end of an overnight backcountry trip, you may use one of our holding corrals. There is no charge for the use of these corrals but they must be pre-booked through the Jasper Trail Office- 780-852-6177 ext 2. Reservation fees apply.

Horses may be kept in these corrals for a maximum of 48 hours.  Grazing is not permitted - horses must be fed inside the corrals.

Temporary primitive camps are permitted at holding corrals while stock is being held. Two herds-people and one tent/camper are permitted, but no fires are allowed.

Note: The holding corrals receive infrequent maintenance. Users must check the condition of the corral and be prepared to make minor repairs.

Corral Locations

  • Tonquin Valley Trail: Portal Creek Trailhead on the Marmot Basin Road
  • Brazeau Trail System: Poboktan Trailhead , 77 km. south of Jasper on Highway 93
  • Brazeau Trail System: Camp Parker (Nigel Creek Trailhead) 114 km south of Jasper on Highway 93
  • Athabasca Pass Trail: Moab Lake parking lot
  • Miette Lake Trail: Decoigne Warden Station
  • Fiddle Pass Trail: Miette Hotsprings

Special Restrictions - At the Miette Hotsprings Corral

  • Horses may be kept for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • This corral is for private use only.
  • It holds approximately eight horses.
  • Camping is not permitted
  • The nearest water source can be found at Sulphur Creek, 250 meters away.

More Information

If you have questions regarding horse use in Jasper National Park, contact the Jasper Trail Office at 780-852-6177 ext. 2