Outlined here are some important questions to consider when researching and planning your trip.

How much experience do you and the members of your group have?

Select a trip which best suits your party's abilities and experience, interests, equipment and the time you have available.

How many kilometres will your group be comfortable traveling each day?

Base your trip on the abilities of the least experienced member of the group. Steep terrain, weather, elevation, and group members’ abilities should determine the length, duration and destination of your trip.

What do you want to do?

Make sure your desired activities are possible. For example, horses and bicycles are only allowed on designated trails and fishing may be prohibited in some areas.

What do you know about the trail you have chosen?

Familiarize yourself by using additional reference guides and topographic maps available through the Friends of Jasper.

Do you have a good understanding of the hazards you may encounter?

Stream crossings, lightning, illness & injury, avalanches, and wildlife are just some of the hazards you may encounter on the trail. You should have some knowledge of backcountry hazards, and a plan to deal with them successfully.

Does anyone know where you are going?

Leave a detailed itinerary with friends or family, or fill out a Voluntary Safety Registration at a Parks Canada Information Centre.

Do you know which permits you need?

You will require a Backcountry Camping Permit for overnight trips, a Park Pass for entry into the park, a National Park Fishing License for angling, and a Grazing Permit for horse travel

How will you get to and from the trailhead(s)?

Most trailheads are difficult to access without a vehicle, and public transportation is limited beyond the Jasper Townsite. To find local transportation services, contact Tourism Jasper.

Will your trip continue beyond the boundary of Jasper National Park?

Have you checked the latest reports?

Before starting on the trail, check the trailhead kiosk for recently posted Warning and Closure