Dark Sky Season - October 4 to 26

Moon viewing

October 4 and 5
8 pm to 10 pm
Heritage Firehall, 414 Patricia St.

Sidewalk astronomy in the town of Jasper! A Park Interpreter will have an assortment of telescopes and binoculars set up for moon viewing. Drop by for five minutes or stay for an hour.

By the Light of the Moon Hike

October 11 and 12
9 pm
Lake Annette (Parking lot #13)
A part of the: Beyond the Stars event at Lake Annette

Immerse yourself and experience the moonlit skies of Jasper National Park on this 2.3 km guided hike. Learn about some of the nocturnal adaptations that help the animals of the park (including us) see in the dark. Bring a flashlight.

Laser Guided Tour of the Constellations

October 19 and 20
9 pm
Lake Annette (Parking lot #13)

Join us on the shores of Lake Annette for a laser pointer tour of the stars and celestial features. An introduction to the night sky.

Why Dark Skies Matter

October 25
Location and Time TBD

Jasper National Park is one of the world’s largest designated dark sky preserves. How does this status benefit visitors, wildlife and residents?

Join us to find out why we love our dark skies.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Hike

October 25
8:15 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, 9:45 pm
October 26
9:15 pm, 9:30 pm
Lake Annette (Parking lot #13)
A part of the: Beyond the Stars event at Lake Annette.

Embrace the dark side and experience the star rich skies of Jasper National Park on a 1 km easy guided hike. Bring a flashlight.

Step in the Picture

Dark Sky Green Screen

October 26
9 am to 1 pm
Jasper Junior/Senior Highschool
A part of the: Over the Moon Event at Jasper Junior/Senior Highschool.

Step in front of the green screen and into some of Jasper National Park’s most dramatic dark sky images.

September 7 to 22

September interpretive programs

Wildlife Guardians

Wildlife viewing is one of the most popular activities in Jasper National Park – and there are plenty of animals along the roadsides – from sheep, elk and deer to black and grizzly bear. The Wildlife Guardians patrol Jasper’s roadways and try to ensure safe wildlife viewing and prevent “wildlife jams” that commonly form when too many vehicles stop next to roadside animals.

Through interpretation and traffic management Wildlife Guardians allow visitors to photograph and connect with some of Jasper’s most intriguing animals, without having to risk a dangerous close encounter.

Look for the not-to-be-missed van!

Weekends at Mount Edith Cavell

A Special Place! - Guided Hike
Saturday and Sundays, 10 am
Tonquin Valley Trailhead on the Cavell Road
Join us for an easy 1.5 hour guided hike on the Astoria River Trail as we explore a special place, home to some of Jasper’s most iconic species at risk, such as Grizzly Bear, Woodland Caribou and Whitebark Pine.

My Canada Includes Caribou
Saturday and Sundays, 1 pm – 3 pm
Mount Edith Cavell Trailhead
Welcome to Mount Edith Cavell, welcome to Caribou country! Drop by our interpretive display before hitting the trails and discover how we can all help this species at risk.

Weekends at Athabasca Falls

What’s Bugging the Forest
Saturday and Sunday 10 am – Noon
Athabsca Falls
Why are there so many red trees in Jasper? If you are asking this question, then this program is for you!

Elk and Co.
Saturday and Sunday 1 pm – 3 pm
Athabasca Falls
Don’t mess with elk! During rutting season, bull elk will attack anything that comes too close to them or their mates. Stop by our display to learn more on how to stay safe during the rut.

Xplorer and Club Parka Booklets

On a family vacation and wondering how to keep the kids busy and happy?

These booklets are for families to discover the park and do activities together. Xplorer booklets are geared for kids between the ages of 6 and 11, while Club Parka Booklets are for kids under six. You can pick up these free booklets at information centres, campground kiosks and at interpretive programs.

Once you have completed the required number of activities, stop by an information centre to be awarded with a souvenir as a token of your success.

Want to learn more?

Email: brian.catto@canada.ca
Call: 780-931-7200

All programming subject to change.