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Around Town Map
Confluent des trois vallées 
Around town trails
Trail Distance Difficulty Description
Red Squirrel to Lake Mildred
Trails 14, 7, 4b
12.7 km return 2. Moderate Follow Hazel Ave across Hwy 16. Take Red Squirrel then Trail 7 along the river. Loop back on Trail 4b and Red Squirrel.
Trail 18
4.4 km loop  1. Easy Flat packed by Jasper Park Lodge, this gentle loop travels from the lodge to Lake Annette and back.
Pyramid Lake 2-4 km loop(s) 1. Easy Groomed multi-use loop(s) for beautiful views.
*Grooming on the lake is dependent on ice and snow conditions
Pyramid Trail
Trail 15
10.8 km return 2. Moderate This mainly flat packed trail steadily climbs to beautiful Pyramid Lake.

Maligne Valley

Maligne Valley Map
Maligne Lake  
Maligne Valley trails
Trail Distance Difficulty Description
Maligne Lake Various km 1. Easy Once frozen, the lake becomes a multi-use area with stunning views
Maligne Lake