Anglers are responsible for distinguishing one fish species from another. If you are unsure, please release it.

Black spots, light background

Cutthroat Trout

Zero possession limit: Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, Mount Revelstoke, Glacier, Waterton Lakes national parks
See possession limits: Jasper National Park

Cutthroat Trout 
Spots more numerous towards tail. Red slash under lower jaw. Note: Red band may be present. Use red slash for proper identification. (BNP, JNP, KNP, YNP, WLNP, MRGNP)
© Karl Geist

Rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout 
Black spots from head to tail. Red band may be present on the sides. Note: Use lack of red slash under jaw for proper identification. (BNP, JNP, KNP, YNP, WLNP, MRGNP) © Karl Geist

Kokanee salmon

Zero possession limit: Kootenay National Park

Kokanee Salmon - not spawning 
Kokanee salmon, not spawning (KNP) © Karl Geist

Kokanee Salmon - spawning
Kokanee salmon, spawning. Females and males have red bodies during fall spawn with green or black heads. Silver bodies for the remainder of the year. (KNP) © Karl Geist

Brown trout

Brown Trout
Square cut tail. Large spots on head. Dark spots with large halos. (BNP, WLNP) © Karl Geist

Arctic grayling

Arctic Grayling
Very large and colourful dorsal fin. Black, diamond-shaped spots along sides. Large scales. (WLNP) © Karl Geist

No black spots on the body

Bull trout

Zero possession limit: all parks.

Bull Trout
Tail slightly forked. No black spots. Pale yellow spots on back. Red or orange spots on side. White leading edge on lower fins with no black line. (BNP, JNP, KNP, YNP, WLNP, MRGNP)  
© Karl Geist

Brook trout

Brook Trout
Tail nearly square. Warm-like mottling on back and dorsal fin. Red spots with blue halos. White leading edge with a black line. (BNP, JNP, KNP, YNP, WLNP, MRGNP) © Karl Geist

Lake trout

Lake Trout
Deeply forked tail. Worm-like mottling. White leading edge often present on fins. Irregular white spots, none red or orange. (BNP, JNP, KNP, YNP, WLNP) © Karl Geist


Northern pike

Northern Pike
Dorsal fin near tail. Large irregular spots in rows. Duck-like jaw. (JNP, WLNP) © Karl Geist

Mountain whitefish

Mountain Whitefish
Deeply forked tail. Large scales. Small mouth below pointed snout. (BNP, JNP, KNP, YNP, WLNP, MRGNP) © Karl Geist

Lake whitefish

Lake Whitefish © Karl Geist
Deeply forked tail. Small mouth below rounded snout. (BNP, JNP, WLNP) © Karl Geist