Parks Canada placed red Adirondack chairs in quiet and scenic locations throughout Jasper National Park for visitors to enjoy the exquisite mountain and lakeside vistas. Each location shares a great story about the landscape and history.

Where are the red chairs in Jasper National Park?

The red chairs are for you to discover. While some chairs are easy to find, others require more of an adventure.

There are two ways to find them:

1. Print a map - and try to find the chairs in these locations around the park:

  1. Cottonwood Slough viewpoint
  2. Lower Maligne day use area
  3. Maligne Lake picnic area
  4. Mt Christie viewpoint
  5. Old Fort Point Trail on the “second summit”
  6. Pyramid Overlook Trail (2b)
  7. Valley of the Five Lakes between Third and Fourth Lakes.
  8. Wilcox Pass Trail

Follow some of these direction pointers when you are out on the trail to help you find them.

2. Have a GPS? The UTM Coordinates are:

  1. Cottonwood Slough viewpoint UTM:
    11U E 426410; N 5861438 
  2. Lower Maligne River day use area UTM:
    11U E 440645; N 5860911 
  3. Maligne Lake picnic UTM:
    11U E 457126; N 5842066 
  4. Mt Christie viewpoint UTM:
    11U E 445452; N 5827514
  5. Old Fort Point Trail UTM:
    11U E 429609; N 5858047 
  6. Pyramid Overlook Trail (Trail 2b) UTM:
    11U E 426437; N 5864389 
  7. Valley of the Five Lakes UTM:
    11U E 432226; N 5852299 
  8. Wilcox Pass Trail UTM:
    11U E 486281; N 5785938
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Red Chairs - Jasper National Park


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