Accessible facilities

The Astotin Theatre, visitor centre and most park washrooms are wheelchair accessible.

There are paved paths in the Astotin Lake Area that offer beautiful views of the lake. Shoreline trail is also paved. Parts of the trail are flat but there are also several steep hills.


Two boys stand in shallow water throwing stones.

Enjoy the sun or a picnic at Sandy Beach right next to Astotin Lake. Although Asotin Lake is not the best swimming lake, Sandy beach offers other enjoyable beach activities; playing in the sand, watching shore birds or dip netting for aquatic bugs!

Gift shop

Take something home that will remind you of Elk Island National Park! Elk Island National Park souvenirs and official Parks Canada merchandise are available at the Visitor Centre.  


A boy and girl look at toys in a gift shop.

Located just inside the park off Highway 16 the Elk Island Visitor Centre is a great place to learn about the park. Stop by to chat with Parks Canada staff for suggestions on how to make the most out of your visit. You can also pick up trail maps, tourist brochures, park passes, permits, and make camping reservations. 

Interpretive theatre

Located in the Astotin Lake Area the Astotin Theatre offers visitors a place to discover the wonders of Elk Island National Park. Are you curious about a bird sound that you heard? Are you wondering how fast a bison can run? Visit Astotin Theatre for programming and information on Elk Island National Park’s natural and cultural heritage.


Two adults sitting in red chairs look at each other and smile with a beautiful lake in the background.

There are many excellent lookout spots throughout the park, including many of the parks’ hiking trails such as Moss Lake and Tawayik. Also located throughout the park are a number of Parks Canada Red Chairs. These locations offer you a comfortable place to sit and enjoy some of the best views in the park.


There are parking lots at all trailheads and at the Astotin Lake Area. Please display your park pass in your vehicle.

Picnic area

A man cooks over a campfire while his family sits and smiles.

Picnic tables, fire pits and fire wood are located in the Astotin Lake Area, the Tawayik Lake area and the Moss Lake trail head. Enjoy picnicking at Elk Island National Park!

Picnic shelters

Picnic shelters can be found within the Astotin Lake Area or the Tawayik Lake Picnic Area. Learn more about our picnicking opportunities.


The Friends of Elk Island Society playground is located in the heart of the Astotin Lake Area. Conveniently located next to picnic areas and the Astotin Theatre, It’s a great place for kids to discover the outdoors.


Enjoy a cafe style meal or ice cream treat at the licensed Elk Island Golf Course. 

Bus and RV parking

If you need to park a larger vehicle, look for bus/RV parking signs at the Visitor Centre and Astotin Lake parking lots. To stay overnight with your RV check out our camping opportunities. 


Flush toilets are available year-round at the Visitor Centre and the Astotin Theatre. Pump out style toilets are also available year-round at all trailheads except Hayburger and ShorelineTrail. During the summer months, flush toilets are also available at various locations in the Astotin Lake Area. Most washrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Canoe rental

Paddlers young and old glide across a lake in two canoes.

Canoe rentals are available in the Astotin Lake area. Kayaks and stand up paddle boards are also available.