Openings and services differ across the country. Please check the Parks Canada national information portal dedicated to COVID-19 for regular updates.

As of June 1, Elk Island National Park began a gradual reopening of some outdoor areas, facilities and services. Please check our website regularly for the current status of this location and others.

Important information about your visit to Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park has already reopened some park roads, entrance gate kiosks, washroom facilities and trails. On June 22, additional facilities will reopen as listed below.

What’s open (updated June 17, 2020)

Facilities and services opening on June 22:

  • All entrance gate kiosks;
  • Astotin Lake Recreation Area including picnic shelters, washroom facilities, playgrounds and Astotin Registration Kiosk;
  • Most trails;
  • On June 26 - Astotin Lake Campground.
What’s closed (updated June 17, 2020)

Facilities that remain closed:

  • Visitor Information Centre and Gift Shop;
  • Plains Bison Handling Facility and Heritage Barn Area, adjacent to the Visitor Information Centre;
  • Astotin Lake Theatre;
  • Tawayik Lake Recreation Area and access road;
  • Oster Lake backcountry campground;
  • Living Waters Boardwalk;
  • Group and equipped camping and oTENTik facilities are cancelled for entire camping season;
  • For a complete list of area closures see Important Bulletins.
Camping during COVID-19

Starting June 22, 2020, Parks Canada reopened some camping services at select national parks and national historic sites across the country.

Your safety when visiting
  • For important information about staying safe while enjoying Elk Island National Park, see Visitor Safety
  • Keep a healthy space of 2 metres between you and others.
  • Be extra cautious when engaging in any activities to avoid injury and/or getting lost to help minimize the demands placed on emergency response, search and rescue teams, and on the health care system.
  • Leave no trace when you visit outdoor spaces. Please take all your garbage with you and help keep these places clean.
  • Abide by all travel advisories
  • We strongly encourage all visitors to wear a non-medical mask or face covering when visiting indoor public spaces at Elk Island National Park. An indoor public space is any space with walls and a roof that can be accessed by the members of the public.

Stay informed

Parks Canada is working with provincial counterparts, local municipalities and communities to keep visitors informed and safe.

For the most up to date information, visit: