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Highway 16, or the Yellowhead Highway, bisects Elk Island National Park, 35 kilometres east of Edmonton. The park is open year-round, with bison particularly active from July to August. The Astotin Lake campground is open from May to September. Reservable group camping and backcountry tent camping are also available.

Getting here


1 - 54401 Range Road 203
Fort Saskatchewan AB T8L 0V3

Elk Island National Park’s main entrance, the south gate, is located approximately 48km from Edmonton’s city centre, via Highway 16 East (Yellowhead).

Free admission for youth. Other fees still apply.
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Be Bison Wise

Bison are wild animals. Even though they look docile they are dangerous, unpredictable, and may charge without warning. Approaching bison is unlawful and puts yourself and others at risk. Please view bison safely and follow these simple tips.

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