To use Elk Island National Park a permit is often needed.

All visitors and permit holders must follow Elk Island’s visitor guidelines.

Business licences

Any person or corporation doing business in Elk Island National Park must obtain a business licence.

Business means any trade, industry, employment, occupation, activity or special event carried on in a park for profit, gain, fund raising or commercial promotion, and includes an undertaking carried on in a park by a charitable organization, or by an organization or individual on a non-profit basis.

Common examples include, but are not necessarily limited to: guides, tourism operators, courses, recreation programs, photography and videography businesses, food trucks, and transportation providers.

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Special events

A special event is any planned temporary gathering of more than 25 people. Common examples include, but are not limited to: family events, religious gatherings, church events, races, sports events, meetings, parades, concerts, theatrical or musical performances, fairs, shows, or instructional courses. A special event requires a special event permit if it is carried out in the park. If planning a wedding, please consult the weddings section of the website.

Special event applications are reviewed by Parks Canada staff to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, to determine the terms and conditions of a potential permit, to ensure that the special event is compatible with the protected heritage place’s purpose and nature, and the special event doesn’t interfere with other events or activities. To apply for an event, please email

Some points to note:

  • Complete applications must be confirmed received by Parks Canada no less than three months prior to the event.
  • Elk Island National Park does not have indoor space for special events.

A business licence is also required for all businesses, companies, guides and/or vendors who are operating in Elk Island National Park. For questions or further details please contact the special events team.

Further information about the regulations governing events in national parks: National Parks of Canada Businesses Regulations - Licences

Commercial film and photography

To film or photograph in the national parks, an application must be submitted to Parks Canada ten days prior to activities. If approved, a Film/Photography Permit will be issued which outlines conditions and supplementary requirements associated with the production. This information will assist in the preparation of a film/photography application.

To apply for an event, please email