A clean campsite and picnic site do not have anything that will attract wildlife (food, garbage, food-related or scented items). Never leave these items unattended for any length of time which includes when you are in your tent and RV.

  • coolers - full or empty
  • food - wrapped, unwrapped, or in containers
  • garbage/wrappers
  • dishes/pots/cutlery - clean or dirty
  • empty beverage containers
  • pet food/bowls - full or empty
  • bottles/cans - open or unopened
  • barbecues - clean or dirty
  • any other items used for food preparation or that have a smell or scent
  • scented products - such as shampoo, toothpaste, candles, citronella, dish soap, sunscreen, lip balm, dish towels

It is illegal to feed, entice or disturb any wildlife in a national park. Violators will be charged, be required to appear in court, and could pay fines up to $25 000.

To report offenses call Banff Dispatch: 403-762-1470