Lake Louise Guest Decal 2018 (PDF 26 KB)  

Attention guests of Lake Louise: 

This decal identifies you as a guest in the Lake Louise area. The attached PDF file, which displays a graphic, will help traffic flaggers better assist you to access to your destination during peak hours when traffic congestion is high or when road diversions are in place. 

It is recommended that you: 
  • Avoid entering or exiting the village of Lake Louise during peak congestion times (10 am- 4 pm) if possible 
  • Be aware that when traffic volumes prevent vehicles from safely moving through the village, traffic may be temporarily diverted on the Trans-Canada Highway. This may include registered guests. We will work to ensure any diversions are as short as possible.
  • Park your car once in the village and walk or use shuttles to access Lake Louise and Moraine Lake to reduce vehicle traffic.
To gain access to the Village or Lake Louise Drive during traffic diversions please: 
  1. Print off or display the graphic on a smart device (mobile phone, tablet etc.)
  2. Roll down your window and be prepared to identify your hotel destination to traffic flagger
  3. Provide/show the graphic to the traffic flaggers 

Thank you for visiting Banff National Park. Enjoy your visit!