Help guide the discussion for the future of plains bison in Banff National Park!

In 2017, Parks Canada made history by reintroducing plains bison to Banff National Park’s eastern slopes. Now in 2022, approaching the end of the five-year Plains Bison Reintroduction Pilot, the original 16 translocated animals have adapted to Banff’s mountain environment and remained healthy, growing to more than 80 animals. Reintroducing bison to Banff National Park returns a key native species to the landscape.

To help inform the future management of plains bison on the landscape in Banff National Park, Parks Canada has prepared the Report on the Bison Reintroduction Pilot 2017-2022. The Report is a working draft summarizing Parks Canada’s learnings over the last 5-years. 

Parks Canada wants to hear from you!

The public engagement program for the Report on the Plains Bison Reintroduction Pilot 2017-2022 has launched. Parks Canada is seeking Indigenous, stakeholder, and public feedback on the draft Report to help determine next steps for bison management over the next ten years and beyond. 

The public comment period will run from November 9, 2022, to December 14, 2022. During engagement, Canadians will have the opportunity to share their thoughts about the reintroduction pilot, provide comments on the draft Report, and about the future of bison in Canada’s first national park.

Here are few questions to help get you started:

  1. The Report on the Plains Bison Reintroduction Pilot summarizes Parks Canada’s evaluation of the Pilot. What else would you like to know about the bison reintroduction program?
  2. Reflecting on the results of the Pilot, what considerations, opportunities or constraints should be front of mind for Parks Canada when making decisions about the future of bison management in Banff National Park?
  3. This phase of the project is for listening to the perspectives of Indigenous groups, stakeholders and the public. Thinking about the results of the Pilot and what matters most to you, what should we keep doing? What should we change? What do you think Parks Canada’s next steps for bison management should look like?

Following the conclusion of the engagement period, Parks Canada will carefully review and analyze all comments received to refine the Report. A summary of what we heard throughout this engagement program will be posted on the Banff National Park website.