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Memorial benches enable the donor to recognize the memory of a loved one in a manner that also enhances the visitor experience in Banff National Park. The current program includes the dedication of benches at Cascades of Time Garden, Vermilion Lakes Road and Sundance Canyon Trail. 

Program Guidelines

  • Donations for memorial benches start at $4,000 CAD however prices vary by location. The donation amount includes a customized plaque, the installation and maintenance of the bench and upkeep of the surrounding grounds for 10 years in its original location, or within close proximity. 
  • Customized plaques will be engraved with the donor’s desired message (up to 40 words and 4 lines).
  • After 10 years, the donor will be given the option to reinvest in the program for another 10 year period or to receive the plaque and allow the bench to become available to other donors. 
  • The disposition of the bench is at the sole discretion of Parks Canada. 
  • Styles of benches vary according to desired locations. 
  • Most of the memorial benches are seasonal and in place from the May long weekend until the September long weekend. Seasons for benches may vary based on weather conditions and on-going bench maintenance.
  • Donations are tax deductible. Income tax receipts will be issued by the Chief Accountant in Gatineau, Quebec. 
  • Donations will not constitute ownership of the item, the land upon which it is situated, or surrounding lands. Parks Canada retains the right to use lands adjacent to the items or relocate the item if required for management purposes.
  • Donations are authorised through a signed donation agreement with Parks Canada.
  • Payment of donations must be completed to the Receiver General of Canada in advance of ordering/installing the item. 

Donation Rates

Cascades of Time Garden

$6 000 for 10 years and $4 000 for renewal of donation period.

Sundance Canyon

$4 000 for 10 years and $3 000 for renewal of donation period. 

Vermillion Lakes Road

$4 000 for 10 years and $3 000 for renewal of donation period.