A rare and little-changed link with the early days of ski tourism, Skoki Ski Lodge is a fine example of the log building traditions long associated with the Canadian mountain parks. When it opened for business in 1931, skiing was just emerging as a major form of winter recreation across Canada. Skoki was built as a destination for backcountry holidays by a group of ski enthusiasts, using timbers cut in the vicinity. It was the first such facility to operate on a commercial basis in Canada.

Unaltered in function and physical appearance since the 1930s, Skoki Lodge still holds photographs and memorabilia directly associated with the pioneering stages of skiing as a recreational activity in western Canada. The lack of major alterations and modern conveniences suggests that the buildings were well designed for their function.

Famed for exceptional hiking in the summer and ski touring in the winter, visitors will traverse rolling alpine meadows, skirt the shores of sparkling alpine lakes, and climb the slopes of rugged Rocky Mountain peaks. Altogether, a truly timeless experience. The lodge is open in summer, fall and winter and accommodates guests with with legendary backcountry hospitality, comfort and conviviality.