Closure: lower bow valley, sensitive wildlife area

Issued: February 07, 2012

Ends: January 11, 2020

Area closed

Sensitive Wildlife Area

Where: Lower Bow Valley

Several small areas in the Bow Valley from the East Park Boundary to Castle Junction, will be closed on a rotational basis to prevent park visitors from entering sites where predator-killed animals and/or carcasses are present, or research trapping is occurring. These areas will not generally be located near maintained trails or in areas heavily visited by the public. Closed areas will be clearly marked.

Why: To ensure public safety and prevent animal disturbance where predator-killed animals and/or carcasses and/or trapping are present.

ACCESS FORBIDDEN: Violators will be charged under the National Parks Regulations.

Effective Date: October 31, 2002

Bill FISHER, Superintendent, Banff National Park