RESTRICTED ACTIVITY - Johnston's Canyon (off-trail activity)

Issued: April 15, 2019

Ends: November 15, 2019

Hiking/walking/foot travel along the Johnston Canyon trail in Banff National Park is restricted to the official trail only. Any off-trail use is prohibited without a restricted activity permit.  

WHAT: Pursuant to Section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, of the Canada National Parks Act, the following area is closed to all traffic and travel by order of the Superintendent:

WHERE: Johnston Canyon Trail – from the lower trail sign to the Ink Pots/Moose Meadows junction. As per map attached.

WHY: To prevent erosion, trampling and disturbance of sensitive ground and riparian vegetation. To support the safety of visitors within a canyon environment containing numerous steep, wet and slippery slopes. To minimize disturbance to black swifts that nest on cliffs along Johnston Canyon. Black swifts need protection from human disturbance as their numbers have declined significantly at this site.  

PENALTY:  Violators may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act: maximum penalty is $25,000.