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Where to go Boating

Boats with motors, both gas and electric, are allowed on Lake Minnewanka only.
  • There is an unloading ramp and parking area for boats and trailers here.
  • There are no public boat docks in the park.

Rules & Regulations

  • Use of personal watercraft, (such as Sea Doos, Jet Skis etc.) or water skiing equipment is not permitted on any water bodies.
  • Preventing invasive mussels from entering Alberta waterways is a priority. If they arrive, removal is next to impossible. Clean, drain and dry your watercraft. More information.
  • Boats that have been in waters outside Alberta or British Columbia in the last 30 days must undergo a provincial watercraft inspection. Call 1-855-336-BOAT (2628) for further information on obtaining a boat inspection.


  • Wind Warning: Beware of the very sudden strong winds and waves on Lake Minnewanka; especially in the afternoon
  • Banff's lakes are seldom above 10°C (50° F). A capsize into these waters could result in hypothermia. Read up on hypothermia before you set out
  • For your safety, leave word of your plans and when you plan to return

What to Bring

It may be a warm day when you start out, but mountain weather can change quickly. Take along wet weather gear to keep you dry, warm and protect you from the wind. Also carry a complete change of clothing in case you fall in. 

Boat Rentals

Small open motorboats can be rented at Lake Minnewanka.