Quagga mussel infestation Quagga mussel
Left: Quagga mussel infestation. Right: Quagga mussel, 0.1 cm to 2.5 cm.
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Attention water enthusiasts

Preventing invasive mussels from entering Alberta waterways is a priority. If they arrive, removal is next to impossible.

If invasive mussels enter a waterway in Banff National Park, the impacts will be devastating to the ecological, recreational, and industrial values of this watershed as far east as Manitoba.

Clean, drain and dry your watercraft

CLEAN off all plants, animals and mud from your watercraft and equipment each time you exit the water and before moving to another water body.

DRAIN onto land, all water from bail buckets, ballasts, coolers, live-wells, pumps, motor and bilges. Remove drain plugs.

DRY the watercraft and all gear completely between trips. Feel for very small bumps that could be juvenile mussels attached to your equipment.

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Video: Mandatory Water Craft Inspections

Check hiding spots for invasive species

Any motor boats that have been in waters outside Alberta or British Columbia in the last 30 days must undergo a provincial watercraft inspection, and possess a valid inspection certificate issued by an Alberta watercraft inspection station BEFORE launching into Lake Minnewanka. To launch such a vessel without proof of inspection, is unlawful and subject to fines up to $25 000.Motor boats that have been in Alberta or British Columbia waterways only may launch without requiring an inspection.

Importing, possessing, transporting, releasing or engaging in an activity that may release aquatic invasive species is prohibited and subject to fines upwards of $100 000 under the Federal Fisheries Act.

Call 1-855-336-BOAT (2628) for further information on obtaining a boat inspection.

Diagram of a boat showing places where mussels may attach without being clearly visible
Check hiding spots for invasive species.