Whitebark pine geocaching challenge

Welcome to the whitebark pine geocaching challenge!

This challenge will take you to as many as six of the Canadian national parks to bring attention to the whitebark pine tree.

Banff National Park, Kootenay National Park, Yoho National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, Mount Revelstoke National Park and Jasper National Park are encouraging you to explore the sub-alpine ecosystem.

Healthy whitebark pine trees in Waterton Lakes National Park
Whitebark pine trees © Parks Canada

The whitebark pine tree plays an important role in the sub-alpine ecoregion that many of the mountain national parks occupy. This tree helps to stabilize steep slopes, influences the rate of snow melt and provides habitat for many animals including the Clark’s Nutcracker, squirrels, and bears.

Whitebark pine is an important part of a healthy ecosystem, but unfortunately it is now considered an endangered species due to a combinations of factors including an introduced fungus species, increased presence of mountain pine beetle, loss of forest openings because of fire suppression and rapid global climate change.

Whitebark pine collectible coin Earn a special whitebark pine coin
© Parks Canada

If you participate in the whitebark pine geocache challenge, you will have the opportunity to earn a special whitebark pine collectable coin - while enjoying some great mountain scenery!

There is a geocache with a code word in the cache in each of the participating parks. To qualify for the coin, obtain the code word from any three of the six caches available and record it on the geocaching passport (PDF, 1.85 MB).

Geocaching code (GC):

  • GC5YEJA: Banff National Park
  • GC5Z36G: Kootenay National Park
  • GC5Z378: Yoho National Park
  • GC5Z94G: Waterton Lakes National Park
  • GC5YE1R: Jasper National Park
  • GC5Z18C: Mount Revelstoke National Park

To receive your collectible whitebark pine coin, make sure it has at least three of the six code words filled in before submitting your passport by mail or electronically (be sure to include your mailing address as the coin will be mailed to you).

Scan your completed passport and:

Email: waterton.info@pc.gc.ca (Attn. Visitor Experience Product Development Officer).


Mail your completed passport to:
Whitebark Pine Geocache Challenge
c/o Visitor Experience Product Development Officer
Waterton Lakes National Park
Box 200, Waterton Park, AB
T0K 2M0

We do our best to maintain the geocaches. However, it is possible that one or more may be temporarily disabled. Please check the status of caches on geocaching.com before heading out.