Protection Mountain Campground
Campground # Of Sites Reserve Electricity, water, and sewer Flush Toilet Shower Sani Dump Disabled Access Fire Pits Interp Prog Fee
Protection Mountain
72 First come, first served - yes - - yes $8.80 - $21.50

General information

Specific information

  • Protection Mountain Campground is 17 km east of Lake Louise on the beautifully scenic Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A).
  • A hazard tree project – required for public safety reasons – has resulted in this formerly dense and view-deficient campground to be opened right up.
  • There is limited cell coverage.
  • Campers who want to camp together, please take into consideration that there are fire and no-fire loops when selecting a site.
  • There are food lockers for walk-in campers.
  • The maximum people per campsite is 6.
  • Best suited for tenting, and motor homes and trailers (under 75 ft / 22 m).
  • 1 or 2 vehicles depending on number of tents: 2 vehicles and 1 tent; or 2 tents and 1 vehicle; or 1 RV/camper and 1 tent. (Two tents are only allowed with a maximum of one vehicle.)
  • All vehicles must fit on the driveway. All tents must be on the gravel area of the campsite.
  • All washrooms have hot and cold running water and flush toilets.
  • There are picnic shelters in this campground.