Explore this section to learn about species at risk protection and recovery efforts in our national parks, national marine conservation areas and national historic sites, and discover some ways you can contribute to the protection and recovery of these plants and animals.

Bats on the radar!
Bats are on our radar in Cape Breton.
Nova Scotia
Six champion travellers
Learn about Parks Canada's longest-migrating species.
The wanderers: epic and perilous animal journeys
Connecting landscapes allows animals to roam.
Success stories
Parks Canada has supported several field initiatives for the recovery of the species at risk.
Bats and Parks Canada
Parks Canada is committed to doing its best to slow the spread of white-nose syndrome.
Kids' wildest questions about the wild (part one)
We love wild questions—and kids love asking them.
Kids’ wildest questions about the wild (part two)
More kids’ questions about nature.
Scott Sutton and the eastern massasauga rattlesnake
Here are some quick facts about Scott and the rattler he is working to protect.
What is it like to be a bat?
Parks Canada considers an old question.

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