This compendium of case studies is a companion to the Principles and guidelines for ecological restoration in Canada’s protected natural areas. The case studies are from a variety of parks and other protected natural areas across Canada and illustrate a broad range of restoration challenges and solutions. They demonstrate approaches to ecological restoration that are:

  • Effective in restoring and maintaining ecological integrity
  • Efficient in using practical and economic methods to achieve functional success
  • Engaging through implementing inclusive processes and by recognizing and embracing interrelationships between culture and nature

These case studies focus on restoration of natural heritage, including native biodiversity and ecosystem functions. At the same time, they recognize the long-standing inextricable interrelationship between humans and the environment, and the need to incorporate considerations for protection of cultural heritage. For example, at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site in British Columbia, restoration of Garry oak ecosystems opened up historical viewscapes and enhanced presentation of the site’s cultural heritage resources.

In addition, the case studies demonstrate that restoration can help connect Canadians with their special places by enhancing their understanding and appreciation of both natural and cultural heritage. Visitors and the public are given the opportunity to experience restoration first-hand by getting involved, and traditional cultural relationships with the land are restored.

For example, in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, traditional Aboriginal activities were an important element of the bison reintroduction ceremony, which was witnessed by many visitors. Opportunities for traditional spiritual and ceremonial activities in the park have helped build relationships with Aboriginal people and re-integrate nature and culture.

Case studies

Grasslands ecosystem restoration
Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan
Aquatic ecosystem restoration
La Mauricie National Park, Quebec
Restoration of Pink Lake
Gatineau Park, Quebec
Restoration of salmon to Lyall Creek
Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, British Columbia
Garry oak ecosystems restoration
Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site, British Columbia
Kennedy Flats watershed restoration
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia
Restoration of ecological linkages
Long Point World Biosphere Reserve, Ontario