Parks Canada is collaborating with partners to protect a network of natural areas in urban centers. This way, more Canadians can connect with nature.

National urban parks are new to the family of protected and conserved areas in Canada. They will build on the success of Rouge National Urban Park created in Toronto, Ontario.

Watch an animation of national urban parks in Canada.

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[City noises with a bus engine accelerating]

An illustration of a city skyline with skyscrapers and concrete buildings appears in the background with a road in the foreground. A location pin drops, identifying the city as Toronto.

A city bus appears on the road and begins travelling from left to right. As the bus travels, the landscape behind it changes from cityscape to a suburban setting with detached houses and trees.

[The background noise of the city slowly fades out as birds and insect sounds begin to get louder]

The bus arrives at a bus stop surrounded by lush forest and other greenery. A location pin drops, identifying it as Rouge National Urban Park.

The scene changes to a location in the urban park. Trees and a pond with cattails, a heron and a turtle are shown in the distance.

In the foreground, a large leafed tree stands tall to the left while a butterfly perched on a bush to the right flutters its wings. Two people look out over the pond from a path that weaves through the park as they admire the natural scenery. One person is wearing a backpack, while the other in a wheelchair is holding up a pair of binoculars. A third person rides by on a bike, wearing a helmet.

The scene changes again to an illustrated landscape map. Along the top are mountains, a forest, a river, and an urban centre. The middle shows two urban centres and farmland. Along the bottom, there is a big city with water and sailboats. Four location pins drop one after the other in various locations throughout the map, indicating that there are more urban parks to come in other locations across Canada.

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