Learn how Parks Canada and its partners are protecting species, habitats and ecosystems.

Eight things you should know about natural solutions to climate change
Eight ways our protected areas serve as natural solutions to climate change.
Climate change and protected areas
Scanning the bugs
Using a genetic identification method called "Barcode of Life," researchers complete a major survey of insect diversity.
Ecological monitoring
Two paths, one destination
Indigenous knowledge works hand in hand with modern science to protect a park and a homeland
Indigenous ecological knowledge
Testing the waters: one advisor’s role in creating new National Marine Conservation Areas
Marine Areas Establishment Advisor Diane Blanchard has a unique role in helping create protected areas.
Creating new protected areas
Managing ships and whales in the St. Lawrence Estuary
Parks Canada is working with the shipping industry to reduce collisions between vessels and whales.
Protecting species in national parks
Parks for the Milky Way
Parks Canada’s dark sky preserves are havens of night in an increasingly over-lit world.
Conserving and restoring ecosystems

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