Ski area development as envisioned by the draft Site Guidelines is associated with substantial environmental gains to Parks Canada while allowing the ski area to expand and enhance both winter and summer visitor experiences in a manner consistent with the Ski Area Management Guidelines. It should be emphasized that potential environmental gains envisioned by the Site Guidelines may be reduced without further research, planning and assessment consistent with the mitigations of this strategic environmental assessment.

Key uncertainties with respect to growth in summer visitor use and to the development of a parking terrace or other surface parking expansion represent key issues that may not be adequately addressed within the scope of the current draft Site Guidelines. Without further direction in the Site Guidelines to mitigate these key issues, the potential for incremental and cumulative adverse impacts to aquatic ecosystems, grizzly bear habitat security, mountain goat habitat use, alpine meadows communities and wildlife movement are likely. The key issue may be addressed, however, through additional Site Guidelines parameters that limit the expansion of summer visitor use in advance of a long-range plan.

Long-range plan proposals that meet the adjusted parameters and conditions of the Site Guidelines as recommended in this strategic environmental assessment can be expected to achieve desired ecological, visitor experience and sustainable infrastructure outcomes identified by the Site Guidelines and to achieve them in a manner consistent with the Ski Area Management Guidelines.