Strategic environmental assessment enables early consideration of potential environmental effects during the development of policies, plans or programs. Consideration of both positive and negative environmental effects makes it possible to develop measures to reduce negative effects or enhance positive effects.

Strategic environmental assessment is required by a Cabinet Directive for a proposed policy, plan or program that requires Cabinet or Ministerial approval and may result in important environmental effects, either positive or negative. Parks Canada plans, policies and programs that may require strategic environmental assessment include:

  • Memoranda to Cabinet 
  • Treasury Board Submissions 
  • New or amended legislation or regulations 
  • National Park/ Historic Site/ Marine Conservation Area Establishment 
  • National Park/ Historic Site/ Marine Conservation Area Management Plans 
  • Species at Risk Recovery Strategies and Plans 
  • National policies and plans 
  • Community plans 
  • Other proposals for specific national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas

Strategic environmental assessment may be documented as a separate report or incorporated as part of the policy, plan or program. Parks Canada is required to provide a public statement summarizing the strategic environmental assessment at the time of any public announcement of the proposal's approval.

Parks Canada's SEA public statements

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