Do not remove or disturb cultural & natural resources:  It is unlawful to remove, disturb, damage, or destroy archaeological / historic objects and flora, fauna and natural objects. It is illegal to cut or gather wood (eg: for fires, etc) within the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site.

Do not disturb, feed, or entice wildlife.

Do not pollute: Littering is prohibited. Practice “leave no trace” and “pack-in-pack out.”

Fishing is prohibited.   It is also illegal to be in possession of fishing rods, hooks, tackle, and other equipment that can be used to catch or take fish in the National Historic Site.

Hunting and possession of firearms, is prohibited.

Pets must be on a leash and under physical control at all times.

Random camping is permitted without permit,  from December 1, 2018 through May 15, 2019, as per the Winter Camping Authorization. This includes the Log Cabin Parking Lot, but does not include the Bennett and Lindeman City Restricted Activity Areas. Camping is only permitted in the immediate vicinity of the Day Use Cabins in these areas.

Campfires are prohibited, with the exception of Log Cabin parking lot, as per the Fire Authorization.  From December 1, 2018 through May 15, 2019, open fires are permitted in the Log Cabin Parking Lot, but must be within a self-contained fire pan or drum.

The use of snowmobiles is prohibited during “Non-Motorized” weekends.  This includes the operation, loading, and unloading of snowmobiles in the entire national historic site, including the Log Cabin parking lot from Friday through Sunday, as identified in the 2018– 2019 Non-Motorized Weekends ScheduleSnowmobiles are permitted at all other times.

Motorized use is prohibited at all times in the areas known as Bennett City and Lindeman City, as per the Bennett and Lindeman City Restricted Activity Areas orders.

Any activity that unreasonably interferes with visitor enjoyment, the beauty of the park, or an activity that causes threats to the natural environment or to the cultural resources is prohibited.

Special events, commercial filming, research, business activities, and guiding activities (including activities conducted by non-profit organizations and charities) requires a permit from Parks Canada.