A selection of artworks produced by our former artists in residence, and inspired by their journeys along the Chilkoot Trail from Dyea, Alaska to Lake Bennett, Canada.


Julie Zhu

Accordion book


Andrea Nelson

"Luck of the Draw"


Dan Hudson

"Chilkoot Trail" video stills


Heather Callaghan

Regalia and woved hat


Jessica Auer and Andreas Rutkauskas

"Golden Stairs Group Documentation"

"Chilkoot 24/7


Steve Snell

"Climbing the Golden Stairs"

"Chilkoot Legends"


Daphne Mennell

"Crater Lake from the Chilkoot"


Cassandra Loomis

"Bare Loon Lake Campground"


Nicole Bauberger

"#97 - Dress Playing Ukelele on the shore of Bennett Lake"

"Trail paintings" - Chilkoot Trail
"100 Dresses for the Chilkoot Trail


Kara Sievewright

"Canvas Boats"

"Chilkoot Comics"


Jay White

"Four Stories" installation at Yukon Arts Centre

"Four Stories"


Corrie Francis Parks

The Klondike Letters Project: "Sourdough Zombies"

"Klondike Letters Project"
"Klondike Postcards"
Corrie's Pinterest Site

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Emma Barr

"Evolution of a Painting"
Happy Camp prepped
"Happy Camp" prepped
© Emma Barr, 2012
Happy Camp study
"Happy Camp" study
© Emma Barr, 2012
Happy Camp Sunset
"Happy Camp Sunset"
© Emma Barr, 2012


Ava P. Christl

"Crossing Chilkoot Pass""
Oil and acrylic on cradle board, 48" x 48"