Pack in - pack out

Nothing should be discarded in the park, including food scraps, wet garbage, grease and cigarette butts. You must pack out everything that you pack into the park.

  • Bring a garbage bag/container for your garbage and food waste: ziplock-type bags work well
  • Store all garbage/food waste in the storage lockers with your other attractants
  • Take all garbage/food waste with you when you leave

Keep your meals simple and light – this will cut down on the weight you carry in and the garbage that you will have to carry out.

Human waste
Outhouse at Chilkoot Pass

Outhouses are located in every campground and at Chilkoot Pass.

Toilet paper is not supplied on the Canadian side of the trail, and supplies on the U.S. side are sometimes limited. It is best to bring your own.

Waste water disposal
Waste water disposal pit
Waste water disposal pit

Never wash clothes, dishes, or yourself directly in a water source.

Waste water is disposed of differently on the U.S. and Canadian sides of the trail:

U.S. side:
Toss waste water into the fastest flowing part of the river

Canadian side:
Use wastewater disposal pits, located in all campgrounds and at Chilkoot Pass. Be sure to clean food waste off the screen and pack it out with your garbage.

Water availability

Drinking water source along the trail

Surface water is the only source of drinking water on the Chilkoot Trail. While water is available along most sections of the trail/route, it is a good idea to travel with a full water bottle as there are dry stretches. There are places to get water at all campgrounds and at Chilkoot Pass.

Purify all drinking water.