Fort dailies

Daily, July and August

Discover the new visitor centre and interactive exhibits, check out the First Nations camp and North West Mounted Police horses.

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Frontier life

Saturdays, July and August

Help a North West Mounted Police officer complete their mid-day stable duties, discover stories at the First Nations camp and taste flavours of the past at the cook tent.

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Cypress Hills Massacre Site Tour

Travel through the heart of the majestic Cypress Hills to the original sites of Farwell and Solomon's trading posts on this guided one-hour bus tour.

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School programs

Interpreter explaining an artifact to visitors

Is your class studying the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) and Canadian policy? Why not dive into the history of Fort Walsh with hands on activities and learn, first-hand about the role of Fort Walsh and the NWMP in shaping the Canadian west.

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Kids' Activites

Do your kids like to Xplore? They can have FUN doing activities and collecting COOL souvenirs at Fort Walsh.

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