Let Your Memories Be Stirred

William Richard Motherwell was born in Ontario in 1860. He moved to the Pheasant Creek area in 1882 and worked on establishing a successful farm. He became Saskatchewan's first Minister of Agriculture and later served as Federal Minister of Agriculture under Mackenzie King.

When you visit the Motherwell Homestead, you will be reminded of days gone by. The friendly staff will be on hand to help you remember the way prairie settlers lived in the early 1900's.

Upon arriving at Motherwell Homestead, you will be welcomed into the Visitor Reception Center. From there you will proceed onto the historic site. As you begin your journey into the past, you will travel down the path alongside the large vegetable garden.

Entering the summer kitchen of the two-storey, fully furnished, stone house, you will feel as though you have stepped back in time. Costumed hired staff will be busy completing chores, but will be only too happy to stop and chat with you about the Motherwell family.

Making your way over to the barn yard, you will enter the large Ontario style barn, complete with livestock. You may also see the hired hands out working in the field as we are now farming 20 acres with horses and historic equipment.

To make reservations for a group tour, please call (306) 333-2116.

If your group would like the added entertainment of a game or a farming demonstration, let us know when you book your tour.