Uncover the little-known secret history of Fort Battleford and its siege that never was. Discover the perfect storm of events which led to a confrontation between members of local Cree First Nations and the scarlet serge-clad officers of the North West Mounted Police. Hear stories of how broken treaty promises led to violence and deaths on both sides. Imagine the cannons blazing and the sound of rifle fire filling the air, as 500 of the town’s settlers flee their homes and take shelter at the fort. Beyond the wooden walls of the palisades, desperate Cree try to meet to negotiate with their Indian Agent. Ignored and abandoned, things take a tragic turn.

Explore the authentically restored still-standing buildings and watch thrilling demonstrations of original weaponry. Take a self-guided tour and connect to our recent past. Enjoy a family fun day and play Disc Golf on one of Saskatchewan’s most picturesque 9 hole courses.