Adventure, excitement, puzzle solving and exploring Canada’s historic past come together at Batoche when visitors embark on a techno treasure hunt and try Geocaching. Using a smart phone or GPS from the visitor centre, track down clues to discover hidden treasures throughout the site. Find out more about the role of women and children in the Northwest resistance by the cemetery, head to the East Village to uncover the story of Monsieur Batoche the ferry man and store owner, and find out more about the Northwest Field Force rifle pits down by the zareba. Solve the clues and find the hidden containers to earn a special geo-coin. Ideal for all ages and abilities. Hit the trails and learn more about the special places of Batoche.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a fun, outdoor treasure hunting game. Participants use Global Positioning System or GPS units to find hidden containers called caches. The caches are hidden in special places in Batoche. When you find the cache, you will discover why that place is so important!

Check out to get the coordinates for your Batoche National Historic Site geocaches. When you get to the park, soak up the scenery as you hunt for hidden geocaches.

Who geocaches?

People of all ages! Each geocache listing has a difficulty and terrain rating. A 1/1 is easiest, a 5/5 the hardest. This allows you to seek a geocache suitable for their ability and fitness level.

What do you need to go geocaching?

A GPS device or GPS-enabled mobile phone and internet access through a computer or a mobile device. Don’t have a GPS? Stop by the Visitor Centre and rent one. 

Seek and Scamper Geocaching Challenge

Discover the secrets of Batoche and earn your souvenir Batoche Geocoin in this brand new geocaching program for all ages. Use of GPS units included in program fee. Available July-Thanksgiving. 

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