As of June 1, Batoche National Historic Site began a gradual reopening of outdoor areas and greenspaces. Please check our website regularly for the current status of this location and others.

Re-live the last battle of the Métis resistance in 1885, led by Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont against the government troops of General Middleton’s men at Batoche. The bullet holes in the rectory wall and gravestones in the cemetery tell an eloquent tale. Join staff in authentic costume telling further stories of Métis life beside the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. Uncover history’s secrets with modern-day GPS.

Featured things to do

  • Ride the Batoche Shuttle

    Step on board the Batoche Shuttle, which will take you on a trip of discovery around Batoche.

  • ​Journey Through Time

    Giddy up! Mount your wooden steed and gallop on a journey through time to meet the townsfolk of Batoche to learn about life on the prairies in the 1800s.

  • ​Rent a canoe

    Let the cool breeze guide you as you cruise the calm waters of the South Saskatchewan River, the warm sun shimmering in your wake. Inquire at the Visitor Centre for rental information.

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