Jean-Baptiste-Moïse St-Laurent married Mary Ann Broderick in 1881. He brought furniture and a horse to the marriage, while she purchased a house and general store in Compton for $900. Four years later, Louis S. St-Laurent was born in this 1 1/2 storey wooden house built between 1839 and 1843. The general store stands in front of the house, facing the street.

The backyard has an intriguing little structure: a framework of poles supporting a roof and covered with trellises on three sides. It’s the stand for a swing!

Architecture lovers will recognize certain neo-classical features of the building that reflect how the Eastern Townships absorbed stylistic influences from the United States.

The cosmopolitan world in which Louis S. St-Laurent grew up likely sensitized the former Prime Minister of Canada to the importance of reconciliation between different linguistic and cultural groups.