The General Store

Discover an old-time country ambience

Visit the general store that belonged to Louis S. St. Laurent's father, Jean-Baptiste-Moïse, and discover an old-time country ambience.

The counters and shelves, all authentic, are covered with reproductions of articles evocative of daily life in a village at the turn of the century.

The authenticity of the store is enhanced by conversations around the iron stove, and by various items of that time, such as whalebone corsets, chamber pots and washboards.

The General Store

Watch an extraordinary multi-media production

A multi-media show!

In the general store warehouse, you can watch a multi-media production that offers a detailed overview of the legal and political career of Louis S. St. Laurent.

You will be delighted by this 20 minutes presentation, which provides a faithful and realistic portrait of one of the most turbulent periods in Canadian history (1882-1973).

The St. Laurent home - CLOSED

Two children at the entrance to the St-Laurent's home

Enter the St. Laurent home. In a warm, friendly atmosphere you will discover more than 2 500 objects and furniture that once belonged to the family.

Each piece accurately recalls the surroundings in which Louis S. St. Laurent was born and grew up.

Au audioguide can also guide you through your visit: Béatrice Picard, an actress well known to Quebecers, lends her voice to Lora St. Laurent, sister of the former prime minister. She accompanies you through the rooms of his childhood house as if you were back in 1948, after the election victory of her brother.

Let yourself be charmed by the magic of the premises and breathe in the scents and perfumes of a bygone era!

*The audioguide is included in the price of admission to the historic site. Please bring an identification card for the loan of the device.

Presentation of the St. Laurent home