Driving along the Richelieu highway in the Montérégie region’s Vallée des Forts southwest of Montreal, the Saint-Ours Canal and its watershed dam come into sight.

Parks Canada and the Friends of the Saint-Ours Canal offer a memorable summer visit. The Saint-Ours Canal is located on the eastern shore of Darvard Island where you can picnic and explore the lock superintendent's house. An exhibition reveals how the canal has proven indispensable to regional and international trade.

Follow the paths that traverse the island to enjoy the wooded areas of red pine, white pine and American white ash trees.

With your children, have fun identifying the fish crossing the dam by watching them through a specially- fitted window that allows you to see under the water. The unique Vianney-Legendre fishway enables the copper redhorse, yellow sturgeon and American eel to survive by continuing their travels along the river.

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